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About Made Wild

My name's Gilbert and my husband's name is Christopher. He does all the work, really. I mostly just stand around and look pretty. I'm cool with that. We call Denver home, eat "mostly" vegan, and drink a lot of whiskey. Our dog's name is Hylia and she's a riot. Especially if you're a man. She hates men.

We both went to school for film. He has 8 years of experience as a graphic designer and I've worked in the restaurant industry for longer than I'm proud to say. We've grown a lot since moving to Denver in 2014. Tried new jobs, got burned by bosses, got burned by clients, threw some awesome launch parties, made a lot of people money, made ourselves a little bit of money, but it was never enough.

Truthfully, Made Wild started as just a dream to not have to live the 9-5 to get by. With the world buzzing around us, we didn't want to sit still and go day by day just content. So we did something about it. Failed. And did something again.  

Christopher said for years that all he wanted to do was create things. He wanted to make something that people wanted. So we tried that. 

There we were, standing in our kitchen, drinking our red wine, Christopher kicking himself trying to find out what our next move was. Do we start a blog? Do we try to make a shop? What the hell are we going to even sell? By this point, we've had this conversation a million times. He would get all worked up and we'd be no closer to bringing anything to life. 

That was the night that the Made Wild became a solid idea and, for the first time in a long time, I saw something creep back into his eyes – excitement.

The truly fun part was how Made Wild began to transform in that moment. We wanted to create a brand that was bigger than we were. We are here as a channel for all the people that refuse to be unenthusiastic about life. We are the people that can't sit still. Life is about getting the most out of every moment.

So, hell with it. Take that road trip. Get that tattoo. Help yourself to that extra glass of wine. In a world of complacency – stay wild.

- Gilbert