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Winter 2017 Retreat

2016 was a big year for Made Wild. After years of struggling as a creative, I finally began pursuing the business I've always dreamed of. Thanks to Gilbert, my fiancé, I spent the second half of the year fully embracing small business ownership – full-time. I completed a business ownership class, saved up a few grand for merchandise, designed the first line, attended several holiday markets, and busted every goal we set for ourselves. All in just a few months.

I was exhausted but motivated to bring that same enthusiasm into our first real year of business.

I knew I wanted to get a kick-start to 2017 so me and a fellow business owner – Megan from Stitch and Shutter – took a three-day trip into the mountains to relax, reflect, and prepare. We rented the same cabin that Gilbert and I got engaged in early last year. It's becoming my home away from home.

Owning a business is not easy, especially when you're doing it as a one or two man team. But I'm ready to take on 2017. I'm learning to embrace my wild side.

Read Megan's blog about our trip.


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  • I just want to say that I am so proud of what you have accomplished in the last year. And also that you are an amazing photographer with a great eye.


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