The Made Wild Manifesto

When Made Wild became a concept last year, I knew I wanted core principals to build the brand off of. I sat down and wrote everything I'd like to accomplish in my life and how I was going to achieve those things. But life isn't about a destination. It's cliché but true – life is about the journey. It's about the work you do, the things you experience, the connections you make with others, and the health of the land we stand on so momentarily. Staying focused, thankful, and driven will allow you to accomplish whatever you desire.

Our manifesto encompasses everything we believe in.
I'm very excited to share it today after months of work by several people.


We have one life of indeterminable length.
Hustle, even when you're tired.
Soak your clothes in sweat.
Let your lips never leave your lover's.
Tear down walls. Grow greener grass.
Lead with empathy alone.
Empower your neighbor.
Breathe in new surroundings.
Laugh until it hurts.
Explore. Live for this moment.

We are the wild ones.
This world is yours for the taking.

Stay wild.

Made Wild Manifesto 

We had the privilege of working with Tyler James Blair who designed the poster and Inklounge who did an awesome job printing. Look out for a post detailing the process on Monday.

The poster is now available in our shop.
– Christopher

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