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Made Wild Branding

Made Wild has grown quickly since we launched in late November. We've released 7 sticker designs, 6 shirt designs, 11 styles, and announced our next line – Fuck the Hate. Fuck the Hate is about our stand against an orange-faced toad. It'll introduce another 6 stickers, our new line of sticker packs, 2 shirts, and a pin. And we're not stoping there – another line is on the way due this summer.

In the early months of a company you begin to find your sense of self – your brand. You think you've hit the nail on the head only to discover something entirely new about yourself.  After launching the first line in November, we started working on perfecting our products, our style, and our brand. After some soul-searching we're finally ready to introduce the next phase of Made Wild.

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  • Your new branding is en pointe. I especially like that you convincingly tell your company’s vision with simplicity and the mini story on the back. Really well done, guys!


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